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Chapter 6 From The Red Book

Hair loss can be a tough side effect to deal with. This Chapter from “I Promise to Put my Lipstick On When I Get There.” is all about hair loss and how to deal with this side effect from cancer treatment.

“The Balder The Head The Bigger The Earings”

EXERPT - Okay. Here it is: the part of the cancer journey most despised by women—hair loss. Losing your hair can be one of the scariest symptoms during your journey, because it is a direct attack on one of the physical attributes that make us stand out as feminine.

But, in these next few chapters, we will help calm your fears about hair loss and hair substitution, and give you the tools to boost your image confidence. Remember, for most of you, this is a temporary condition. I cannot promise your hair will return exactly the way it used to be, but it will return. And we are here to help you with the transition!


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Kim’s Podcast

Hello Gorgeous! Everything Beauty, Cancer and Inspiration is a Podcast to support and inspire women battling cancer. This information is uplifting and actionable.

I want to leave my listeners wanting more. I am hoping to give them 1 take away that will stick with them until the next show . My idea is to create a safe space to discuss anything beauty and cancer while providing valuable information that is actionable for our listeners.


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