I Promise to Put My Lipstick on When We Get There: A Complete Red Carpet Guide to Staying Gorgeous Through Your Cancer Treatment (Paperback)

If you have heard the words "You have cancer," you need this book. The techniques in this guide will help you counteract the changes your body can experience during cancer treatment. The book includes makeup, skincare, beauty tips and techniques. Kim and Mike Becker have 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and are the co-founders of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc, a non-profit organization that creates Red-Carpet Experiences for women battling all cancers. The book includes a DVD with additional techniques from washing your wig to tying scarves.

The techniques in this guide can help you counteract many cosmetic changes your body can experience during cancer. The book includes makeup, skincare, beauty tips and techniques. It will help you produce the same transformational changes in your appearance that Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE has achieved with hundreds of women across the United States.

These techniques have been developed by Kim and her team during hundreds and hundreds of Gorgeous makeovers in the last 9 years and they have developed simple precautions for many of the immune system challenges during cancer treatment that make it difficult to be safe during simple spa services. 

PLUS, A bonus dvd with 10 How-To videos explaining techniques for:

• adjusting, wearing and washing your wig • tying scarves
• how to create eyebrows • natural-looking makeup application

And much, much more!

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What a wonderful Day! This is the best day I have had, except for the day I was told I was in Remission. Thank you so much.
— Kay
Words cannot describe how I feel today. An experience of a lifetime! You were outstanding! Bless you and all you do. I will remember this always.
— Linda
All I can say is you`ve made me feel like me again!! I can`t thank you enough!!
— Shelly
Just when I was feeling that everyone had forgotten about my struggle, you all gave me a whole new attitude. Thank you.
— Jackie
Thank you so much! You`ve made me feel beautiful again! AMAZING DAY!!!
— Kathy L
HELLO! Thank you for helping me to feel special, beautiful and loved, which is a reflection of you and the life-giving family, friends and people that you have surrounded yourself with to do these Gorgeous makeovers!!
— Elise

Kim and Mike Becker are award-winning authors and the founders of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc., a non-profit that creates a red- carpet experience for all women battling all cancers.

They received the Mom`s Choice Award for their first book, Hello Gorgeous!: A Journey of Faith, Love and Hope, also published by Corby Books. They have been married for 20 years and thrive with their son, Seth, and a pug named Sam.