"Providing Red-Carpet Experiences For All Women Battling All Cancers Through Full Spa, Ambush-Style Makeovers In One Of Our 36' Mobile Dayspas Or By One Of Our Partnering Affiliate Salons Across The United States, At No Cost To Our Gorgeous Women."

Hello Gorgeous! is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides complimentary, professional makeovers and cosmetic education to all women battling all cancers. We create an experience for these women beginning with a nomination by family and friends that if chosen, includes surprising her with flowers, chocolates and a big “Hello Gorgeous!”


Our newest Book is out!

I Promise To Put My Lipstick On When I Get There:

The Complete Red-Carpet Guide To Staying Gorgeous Through Your Cancer Treatment

The techniques in this guide will help you counteract the cosmetic changes your body can experience during cancer. The book includes makeup, skincare, beauty tips and techniques. It will help you produce the same transformational changes in your appearance that Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE has achieved with hundreds of women across the United States.


"Hello Gorgeous! is a mission from God for Michael and Kim. Please help us to continue Michael's legacy and help us help more women."

Our Reveals can be a private affair with a dozen friends and family, or with a resounding “Hello Gorgeous!” from 10,000 spectators at a sporting event on center court!  But, they are always touching, exciting and a positive anchor to our fabulous Gorgeous Women

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One of the ways we are celebrating this anniversary is with these special shirts.  Many of you know our signature red hoodies - well, for a limited time we are offering the Hello Gorgeous! 10-year Anniversary Hoodie and Tee.

These are a tie dye pattern of many colors, signifying all the different kinds of cancer that the women we serve have fought, and the bright futures that we wish for each of them.  

In certain areas, our mobile DaySpas can be used to bring our services to women battling cancer. We can perform the Hello Gorgeous! Experience at her curbside, near the convenience and security of her home. We also use the mobile DaySpas to demonstrate our concept at our events, national beauty shows and at other cancer-supporting venues.

Our mobile DaySpas, HOPE and FAITH, are fully functional salons with a facial and pedicure area, nail table, shampoo bowl and a private area for haircare, head shaving, wig-cutting, makeup application and the like. They truly are rolling palaces for our Gorgeous Women.

Join us for one of our fun and exciting annual events! Our premier featured events are: A Gorgeous! Golf Outing & The Gorgeous Gala. You can donate, participate or sponsor, but no matter what you choose your contribution makes a gorgeous difference!


Kim Becker is a dynamic Keynote speaker, an award-winning author and the Founder of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc.

Kim has spoken to tens of thousands of people from every walk of life and has been in the beauty industry as a salon owner and national educator for more than 25 years.  She has been an entrepreneur in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds, where Kim has become a business woman, fundraiser, educator, public speaker, author, consultant and the face of Hello Gorgeous!  


We are excited to share a Gorgeous! song "I Can't Imagine That" by Grammy Nominated Singer Henry Kapono.

Henry Kapono granted us permission to use this song to help promote our Gorgeous Movement. Please visit Henry Kapono at HenryKapono.com or download his free mobile app.

Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE restores the beauty that cancer steals.

Look through our gorgeous Women Reveal section.  We have helped hundreds and hundreds of women across the United States look gorgeous through their cancer journey.


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