About The Courses…

You just heard the words "You have cancer."

Now what? Your thoughts race "What's going to happen to me? How can I keep things normal for my family? Am I going to loose my hair?"

These are things that we have heard over and over again.

Restoring Your Beauty During Cancer is an on-line course that answers commonly asked questions about beauty during cancer treatment.

A few examples are:

"How will I know my hair will fall out?"

"When will my hair begin to grow back?"

"What's the best wig for me?"

"What are some additional options to wigs for head coverings"

And Many More.

These are the techniques that we have used on hundreds of women battling cancer to help them smile when they look in the mirror.

Restoring Your Beauty During Cancer is easy to understand and you can put it into use right away.

See what all the buzz is about by watching our introduction video below!

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