I Want To Be Like Mike

Everyday's a Good Day but some days are more special than others.

I think it's pretty awesome that we all have our special day, our birthday.  The one day that we get to be special.  It's the day that God decided to bring us into the world.  This is the day we are remembered by friends and family. It’s the day that everyone expects us to eat cake and enjoy it.  It's our very own special day.

I was very lucky when I met Michael.  Our birthday's were 1 day apart.  I told him that God did that on purpose so that he would never forget my birthday.  We would start celebrating OUR birthday the morning of his birthday and stop celebrating the evening of  mine.  For many years we vacationed over our birthdays.  We took some amazing trips. One year we were white water rafting in Gatlinburg.  There was the  year that we were in London having dinner at the very 1st Hard Rock Café , a few years we spent our birthday at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World where we proudly wore the "It's My Birthday" button.  And then there was the year that we were surprised with a Red Limo, a day of pampering and a big party with about 100 of our closest family and friends and it was finished off with an overnight stay in New Buffalo.   Our Birthday was an event.  Michael and I loved sharing our birthday together.  It really did bring us closer together.  Our birthday's being a day apart helped me  realize that much more that Michael was hand picked just for me. 

Last March Michael would have turned 57 years old.  It was the 1st time in 27 years that I had to celebrate my birthday without him, the 1st time in a long time not celebrating our birthdays together.  I had to come up with a plan.  I started to think about what HE would have wanted me to do and something that would help me not dread the day.    Michael loved to serve others.  He loved just being good to people.  I came up with a plan.  I would celebrate his memory by spending his day committing random acts of kindness, we would run all over town blessing people and hand them a card to let them know that this was done in memory of a great man.  


It was a great day!!!  We spent the day making people smile by blessing them.  We only invited a few people to participate last year.  This year we decided to open it up to everyone.  It's a win- win.  You feel good about giving to someone randomly and the person receiving gets to feel the love. 

So we invite you to join us on March 6th Print off the sheet (you will find the link below) cut out the cards and on March 6th help us bless people in your area.   We would love to see your  pictures of your Random Acts of Kindness post them on social and use the hashtag #IWANTTOBELIKEMIKE.  

Michael’s Legacy



Please download this Card Honoring Michael…