When Pancakes Brought Me To Tears

When Pancakes Brought Me To Tears

It surprises me what makes me cry these days but yesterday was a new one.  We have just wrapped up a big show in Orlando.  We celebrated a successful show with breakfast at Cracker Barrel.    We were seated and a wonderful young man by the name of Carlos was our waiter.  He took great care of us.  We each ordered our breakfast and continued to discuss the show and what went well and what we could improve on.  


Our breakfast was delivered and it all looked great.  We were starving.  I love the pancakes from Cracker Barrel.  They remind me of the pancakes that my grandmother used to make.  Everything looked delicious and we all dug in.   I finished ½ of my pancakes and they tasted so good!!!!  All of the sudden Carlos appears at my side with a new plate of pancakes that were twice the size of my current pancakes.  He said “I didn’t like the way those pancakes looked I wanted you to have better ones.”   Now I had about finished eating.    I sat there as the tears welled up in my eyes.   My team asked me “Are you crying over pancakes?”  

I nodded my head yes.  

It was more than just the pancakes.  This simple, random act of kindness made me feel the loss of Michael multiplied by 10.  In that moment I realized that I no longer have that person who looks out for me.  I no longer have that person that makes sure that I have the best of everything.  I no longer have that person that would treat me better than I would treat myself at times.  
Carlos had no idea what his simple act of bringing fresh pancakes made me feel as if someone still had my best interest at hand.  Thank you Carlos!!!! 

Don’t ever take the simple act of kindness for granted.  Soak them all in.  That old statement “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is so very true.  


Michael made me feel like a queen every day and I took it for granted.  I would give anything to have another chance to accept every compliment he gave me, to really appreciate every time he opened my car door and to sincerely say “thank you” every time he waited for me to get home from work so that we could eat dinner together, even if it meant it was 10:00 pm.  

Appreciate the love that you have now.  Enjoy every minute even the frustrating times.  One day you will miss them, I certainly do!!!!!