I will Help You Carry the Torch

I will Help You Carry the Torch

Since Michael has passed I have said over and over again “I don’t know how people go through this stuff on their own?”  I really don’t know what people do without a strong support system.   My support system has been incredible.  


I received sympathy cards every day for 8 weeks after Michael passed away, several cards each day.  The text messages and phone calls to just to let me know that people were thinking of me.  The support from my family and friends, our executive team and Seth’s high school has been overwhelming.   But I wouldn’t change a thing.  To be in the mind of so many people and to know that people care is priceless.  There always seems to be a hug waiting for me just when I need it most.  


One of the adjustments that I have had to make is learning all of the things that Michael did for Seth and I and for our organization.  After he passed, even though I promised that I would keep going I questioned “Could I keep this going?  Do I know enough? Can I learn everything that he did?”  We each had our own areas of genius and I wasn’t sure I could learn everything that he knew.   


The morning after Michael passed I received the most beautiful text message from our friend and webmaster, Josh Millar CEO and Founder of the Applified Marketing Group.    Michael and Josh worked closely on the website and Josh also designed and maintains our app and our website.   Josh sent me a text message expressing his condolences and then he wrote “And I will help you carry the torch.” 


I have never forgotten that!!!   This entire journey has been one that Michael and I have trailblazed.  Having someone help me carry the torch to light the way was priceless.   Josh understands that I don’t know everything that needs to be done to maintain and manage the website but he is right there to answer my questions and make my vision for our website and app come true and it’s beautiful.  This is vital to our organization as it is our image to the outside world and a tool for our Gorgeous! Women.  To me its these relationships that Michael and I built together that get me through.  There is something to be said to be surrounded by a village and a village that loves and cares for you and wants to be a part of something larger than themselves and loving hearts that will help me carry the torch to make sure that Michael’s legacy stays alive.  Josh is amazing and he puts his heart and soul into the work he does for us.   Josh has created a beautiful platform that helps spread our message of helping woman with cancer look and feel Gorgeous!   Thank you Josh!!! 

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You can contact Josh by email directly at create@applified.marketing or visit there website here