Long Lasting Effects

The Long Lasting Effect of HG!

Last month we performed a makeover at Tony Sacco’s in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Michael had an early meeting, so I dropped him off and went to work on some of my writing material.  When I returned to the bus to get ready for the makeover, I had a young woman approach my car.  She asked if I was with Hello Gorgeous!  I said yes and she explained that they had been sitting there with her mom taking pictures of the bus just waiting for someone to return to the bus.  She explained that her dad was one of the men that had worked on our buses.  His name was Ralph Gunnett.  As a matter of fact, his name is part of the logos on the bus.  Ralph was fighting cancer when Monaco was working on our buses.  Ralph was the gentleman that took all of the extra care with our little donation bus. 

It was such a wonderful treat for us to meet them again.  They had never seen the inside of the bus, so we gave them a tour and took a few photos.  

Ralph lost his battle with cancer shortly after the buses were gifted to us in 2013.

We touch so many lives in so many ways that I am not sure we have a clue.  I kept thinking about what it meant to that family to see something that a loved one had poured his heart and soul into and that it was being used for the purpose of positively impacting lives. 

What an incredible gift for us to be able to share this with them. 

On a side note, Ralph’s daughter was just visiting from Tennessee, due to a death in their family, and her husband was deployed in Iraq.  You could not wipe the smile off of her face.  PRICELESS!!!!!!!!