HG! and Me

I feel that I've been around since the inception of Hello Gorgeous!.  I did not have much to do with the legalese and paperwork of creating the non-profit.  However, from the moment I found out about this calling, I was in. 

It has been quite the experience to watch this dream come to fruition.  

I feel that I bring my leadership/management skills from my retail background to the executive team.  I feel that I still have so much more to give.  I am also sure that my other executive members feel the same way. This team, like other successful teams, is made of many different personalities and styles.  I feel that is what makes our executive team "special".  

Sometimes I think I've gained so much more out of this experience, than I could ever give.  That has been quite the motivator to continue to be part of the team that pushes this mission forward.  I am honored to know that I have the opportunity to be part of something that has such an impact on these women battling through some of the toughest moments in their lives.  

I would like to thank Hello Gorgeous! and ourGorgeous Women for giving more to me than they can ever understand. 

Much Love,