Changing Lives for the Better

The journey of life takes us in so many directions. How we interpret and act on these adventures defines us. I have been through some tough times during the last 41 years. Some were created by outside forces but most were of my own doing. It has taken courage and maturity to realize that I am in control of how I perceive the world and I am perceived. With this said, I would like to tell you a little bit about how one journey has helped me shape who I am becoming.

In 2007, a good friend and I were putting together a golf outing in memory of a friend we lost. The outing was more of a party with friends and family, but the money raised was going to be donated to a local charity. My counter part insisted that Hello Gorgeous! should receive a portion of the profits. I was reluctant at first. I had never heard of them and it still a fairly new organization. I wasn’t sure if would their program would last. Would the money be better donated to a more established group? We set up a meeting with Trisha, one of the first members of Hello Gorgeous! She spoke to us about their philosophy of transforming the inside and the oust side of a woman with cancer. I was sold.

During late summer of 2008 I was approached by Mike and Kim Becker, the founding members of Hello Gorgeous!, to volunteer for their organization. Intrigued by what I had seen, the heart and soul that they put into this charity, I agreed. That was the start of a life-changing, heart pulling journey that I will never forget.

The full name is Hello Gorgeous! of Hope, Inc. Hope, a word that denes every cancer patient with whom I have come in contact. They appear to hold on to hope every bit of strength they have left. In fact, it is the only thing, from an outsider’s perspective, they have to keep them going. Fight the good fight. I know, everybody has a different feeling or reason that they are fighting for but hope is at the base. Hope that they will beat this nasty disease, hope they will feel whole again, hope that they will see their loved ones grow old, hope that they will be able to build more loving memories.

These are the reasons why I am a part of Hello Gorgeous I have absolutely no experience in the beauty industry and yet I have seen the transformations, I have felt the thankful hugs from the Gorgeous! women and I have seen the look on the faces of the family and friends of our Gorgeous! Women. A look of joy and happiness one can not fully describe.

Lastly, I would like to thank Kim and Mike for letting me be apart of this wonderful experience. You have changed my life for the better, which in turn, helps me change the life of someone else. Godspeed my Hello Gorgeous! Family.

Thad Schmidt