Magical Moments

Okay, my favorite makeover over the years.  I have been pondering this question and can honestly answer... they are all my favorite! 

The 3 hours we have with these women during their makeover is magical. They are so inspiring. From a mom who devoted her life to her son, to a women in the military, to a sister that asked God to give her cancer rather than ever give it to her sisters.  I remember a principal of an elementary school, who just came back from her daughter's wedding and had too much work to do to have a makeover ( we did her visit anyway and she loved it) and a lovely gardener who use to be in the accounting department at Playboy Incorporated. They all have a heartfelt story. I am grateful, that God has given me the honor to use my talent for the greater good. Restoring the beauty that cancer steals.

It's not always the beauty on the outside that we help restore.  Sometime, most of the time, this experience also brings back that beauty in them that their disease has imprisoned on the inside.