A Heart Thing

Julene Franz

Julene Franz

Julene Franz is not only our Executiver Affiliate Coach, that goes in and certifies Affiliate Salons across the United States.  She was also one of the first salon owners to step forward and make the committment to become an Affiliate Salon in our program 5 years ago.  She and her crew at FIX Salon Spa in Elkhart , IN have performed makeovers on over 50 women battling cancer in her community.  She is a savvy and dedicated businesswoman, a caring and giving human being, and a voice in our organization.  

"Why I love Hello Gorgeous is because I can be part of something that makes a profound difference in the world and is bigger than myself. Seeing women come alive during their Hello Gorgeous makeover is something that you cannot put into words. It is a “heart” thing. . . and my heart loves it all.

I am on the Hello Gorgeous Executive Team as an Executive Salon Affiliate Coach. I have the honor of certifying new salons who become Hello Gorgeous Salon Affiliates. Maintaining a level of excellence and high standards for our women’s Hello Gorgeous Makeovers is my ultimate goal in bringing new salons on-board for this prestigious and heart-felt organization. I am beyond blessed to be a part of it."