We Are A Family

Elissa Schmidt                   Art Director

Elissa Schmidt                  Art Director

Feb 24 at 5:25 PM

One weekend a year I get a break and I work my butt off! Well, that is not entirely true. I get more breaks than one, but I rarely step away from kids, home, dog and jobs completely. But I do (we all do) work my butt off.

One weekend a year I am focused on HG! and HG! alone. There are a ton of over-used adjectives I could throw in here to try to describe how nice it is to work on one thing, focus on each moment. But they just won't cut it . So think about if you were able to step away from home and responsibility and focus on one thing for two days that made a difference, that left a mark on someone else's world. 

No outside distractions, surrounded by people who truly want you to succeed at HG! and in your own life. Who are willing to see you, accept your truth without any fear of repercussions. People who honestly see my growth, as growth for HG! and the women we have dedicated our time to serve with some talent and a little sweat. 

And we laugh, pretty much the entire weekend. Sometime my belly hurts and my cheeks are sore because we laughed so much. Sometimes my eyes are red because we have cried and sometimes (usually Saturday night) I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. But it is worth it. We are part of something bigger, something more important. 

We are a family