A Life Worthwhile - Michael Becker

All of our lives are busy.  They are chocked full of work and kids, meals and errands, fitness and family, school and an occasional vacation, if we are fortunate.  Sometimes, there does not seem like enough hours in the day for what you have on your plate, let alone adding anything to it. Things like volunteering and charity work come last on that plate, if ever.  Most people say, "Where would I find the time," and no one would fault you for it.  That was my life growing up, and it has only been the last 25 years that I have ever found the "luxury time" to volunteer. I was not taught to volunteer growing up.  It was not part of our family culture -  volunteering is for retirees, right?  Or those so well-off that they don't need to work for a living?  Had I not been dragged to my first volunteer post kicking and screaming, I would never have experienced one of the most freeing, fulfilling, heartwarming experiences of my life.  To give of your self to others - your time, your money, your skill, your love - there is nothing else like it in the world.  

So I challenge you.  Volunteer for something in your life.  Use your talents, whatever they are, to benefit others.  Give without expectation - help someone that you wont ever receive help from yourself.  I promise you that it will have a more profound effect on YOU that it does on whomever you help.  Don't skip this part of life.  Einstein said, "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."  And he was the smartest man in the world, after all.