Wearing Many Hats

Trisha Greenlee, Creative Director since 2006

Trisha Greenlee, Creative Director since 2006

I started with Hello Gorgeous in 2005 I was fresh out of beauty school.  When my sister Kim and her husband, Mike heard their calling to start our mission of Hello Gorgeous!, my husband (who is an amazing man) and I told them that, " We are in!" 

It's been an amazing 10-year ride.  As the Creative Director, I wear many hats - from participating in Hello Gorgeous! visits, certifying our Affiliate Salons across the United States, fundraising, social media, and so much more. 

This mission from God started with $1.  We have set out to help women battling cancer nationwide. Currently, we have  two RV mobile salons, and over 35 Hello Gorgeous certified Affiliate Salons that have  additional tools to keep women safe in a salon environment. They feel pampered, pretty, and confident again.

We have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people as we expand this mission. This is not just a job.  This is our Calling and our passion!  It is amazing to be a part of this ripple effect, and be a small part of making our world a better place!