My Juice

Those of you who know me know that I wear some article of clothing which has "Hello Gorgeous!" on it almost every day.  My favorite is a red hoodie with a big white logo on the front of it. My husband tells me that people think that this is the only piece of clothing that I own!

I wear it because, well let's face it, it is comfortable and is certainly a conversation starter. 

Hello Gorgeous! Just hearing the words can make people smile. Many people will ask, "What is Hello Gorgeous?" and I then have the opportunity to tell them what we do. But, on many occasions, we will bump into a Gorgeous Woman who has been touched by our program, or a loved one who has been, and I get to hear their story.

The story of their makeover and what it meant to them, and their story of survival and inspiration - that is what is important to me.  That is my juice.  It is why I am up working at 5:30 am, six days a week, and finishing my paperwork and emails from bed at 10:00 at night.  Knowing the stories of these women, their experience, that is my favorite part of the job.  It gives me wings.

A few weeks back I was in an elevator at our local hospital and, of course, I was wearing my red Hello Gorgeous hoodie. There were three women on the elevator when I got on. I smiled at them and said, "Hello" and one of the women said to the younger girl, "Hey, there's your program!"  I asked if she had received a makeover and she lit up like a Christmas tree as she recounted her experience at our Salon Affiliate, FIX Salon Spa, in Elkhart, Indiana. I had remembered seeing her before-and-after pictures from the day and hearing her story from the salon owner, but to hear it from her was priceless.

These are the special moments. This is my juice.