The One Word That Will Define 2014

A few years back Mike and I started a yearly exercise that we have now passed down to our Executive Team.  We choose one word that will exemplify our actions for the entire year.  Last year my word was Excellence.  Everything I did exuded excellence.  This year my word is Bold.  I want to live in a way I have never lived before.  I want to take chances and take larger steps in Faith than in years prior.  This year I want to make things happen that Glorify God’s favor.  I feel that if I step out, God can step in.  So I would like for challenge you.  Choose one word that will exemplify every action you take the rest of this year.  Post the word where you will see it daily.  I went so far as to have a bracelet made with the word on it so that it was with me where ever I went.  Try it and watch the transformation that will take place.  Share your word with me.  Let me know how God is working when you step out and you let Him step in.