Wear It!

It is hard for us to believe, but Hello Gorgeous! has been serving women battling all cancers for 10 years in 2016!

One of the ways we are celebrating this anniversary is with these special shirts.  Many of you know our signature red hoodies - well, for a limited time we are offering the Hello Gorgeous! 10-year Anniversary Hoodie and Tee.  These are a tie dye pattern of many colors, signifying all the different kinds of cancer that the women we serve have fought, and the bright futures that we wish for each of them.

Read it!


If you have heard the words "You have cancer," you need this book. The techniques in this guide will help you counteract the changes your body can experience during cancer treatment. The book includes makeup, skincare, beauty tips and techniques. Kim and Mike Becker have 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and are the co-founders of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc, a non-profit organization that creates Red-Carpet Experiences for women battling all cancers. The book includes a DVD with additional techniques from washing your wig to tying scarves.