This year I bought you a grave blanket for Christmas

Michael loved Christmas.  He loved everything about it.  The baking, the wrapping and buying gifts.  He put so much thought into the gifts he would purchase for both Seth and I.  I remember our 1st Christmas, my gift from him was a new set of dishes, not because he expected me to cook for him but because the dishes that I had were hand me downs and didn’t match.  He wanted me to have the best.  Then there was the Christmas of our 10-year anniversary.  We attended a Jimmy Buffet concert on the actual day of our anniversary.  He bought a CD recording of that exact concert so that I would have the music of our special night forever.   

One of my favorite Christmas’ was the Christmas before our trip to Europe.  We had worked so hard to save money so that I could study in London.  We wanted to sight see and take the Chunnel to Paris.  We  saved every dime for our trip but Michael still wanted to participate in gift giving for Christmas.  We decided on a $50.00 limit for each of us that year.  We had to be very choosy on what we bought for each other because we were limiting the funds.  Quite frankly that was one of the best Christmas’ we had together.  We picked out the most special gifts for each other and stayed in our budget. We bought meaningful things for each other that would have little of no value to anyone else.   We continued that tradition for the rest of our Christmas’  

My grief counselor shared with me what she does for her husband that passed away several years ago.  She purchases a grave blanket.  A grave blanket is an arrangement of evergreen boughs that lay on a person’s grave during the holidays to add color.  They come in many sizes.  I had never heard of this and decided to investigate it.  The grave blankets are simple and elegant and add a hint of color to the dying grass or snow this time of year.  I found one that covered most of Mike’s grave and they added a big red bow for me.  In keeping with our Christmas spending tradition, I stayed just under our $50.00 budget.  I went to the cemetery and placed perfectly on his grave.  Never in a million years did I ever think that this is something I would do for the love of my life.  
I am grateful that I can still do, little things for Michael that make his surroundings nice. 

Merry Christmas my love.