In certain areas, our mobile DaySpas can be used to bring our services to women battling cancer. We can perform the Hello Gorgeous! Experience at her curbside, near the convenience and security of her home. We also use the mobile DaySpas to demonstrate our concept at our events, national beauty shows and at other cancer-supporting venues.

Our mobile DaySpas, HOPE and FAITH, are fully functional salons with a facial and pedicure area, nail table, shampoo bowl and a private area for haircare, head shaving, wig-cutting, makeup application and the like. They truly are rolling palaces for our Gorgeous Women.

If you are interested in having a mobile DaySpa at your cancer event or professional beauty event, contact Kim Becker at with the details. We would love to work with your organization.

Interested in sponsoring the mobile Dayspa? To make a sponsorship donation, download the Hello Gorgeous! Sponsorship Kit, read it over and contact Trisha Greenlee, our Creative Director, at to discuss your choices.

And Thank You again for all your amazing support.

Download the Hello Gorgeous! Sponsorship Kit